Special Games at St. Albans Bingo Centre

Next special: Friday night 20th December,

$10 a set, tickets on sale 5:15pm PET specials only available on night (18 for $90 or 24 for $120)

7pm: 12 x $300, 3 x $999

8pm: 14 x $300, 1 x $5,000

9pm: 10 x $500

9:45pm: 14 x $300, 1 x $15,000

Responsible gambling, pre-commitment strategy

The St Albans Bingo Centre promotes bingo as a means of recreation and not a way to achieve financial gain. The centre offers a pre-commitment strategy for people who want help limiting the time or amount they spend at the St Albans Bingo centre. The centre also can provide information on responsible gambling and a number of services which may provide assistance.