St. Albans Bingo Centre's Bonus Jackpots!

Monday 14/10/19 - Sunday 20/10/19

Monday Night Rolling:  $6,000

Tuesday Day Little Ducks:  $500

Thursday Night: $5000 on 49 calls

Friday Day Rolling:  $6,000

Sunday Free Game:  $1,500

Stay Tuned for Date!!

loyalty system

 The St Albans Bingo centre offers a loyalty card for customers at no charge. Loyalty members can accumulate points to receive a prize from the loyalty cabinet. Lost cards may be replaced for $2. The loyalty scheme is renewed every year with points returning to zero at the end of each year. Members may opt out of the scheme at any time by returning the card to the office. 200 points are received when a customer's card is scanned at the office. Points may be checked at the kiosk near the display cabinet where prizes are displayed. Please see full list of terms and conditions for the St. Albans loyalty scheme at the office window. Please see office staff with any queries .

(Ask staff at office to become a member at St. Albans Bingo Centre- it's free, no obligations, terms available at office window)